About us

Spirit Electronic Cigarettes began in 2011 with a passion to allow the public the experience of quality disposable e cigarettes affordable by all. As perfectionists, we toiled for many months to produce an electric cigarette that not only produced enormous vapor but also long lasting and at a price we believe you’ll come to love. Headquartered in Garfield, New Jersey we introduce four current flavors including classic tobacco, menthol, Red, and Blue. Try them all, we promise you will never be disappointed.

With the Spirit Vapor Electric Cigarette there is no need to charge or carry bulky wires and chargers. Simply smoke the e cigarette and then throw it away into a recycle bin. There is free shipping all over the United States and only 11.95 for any international shipping. Choose to switch today to Spirit Vapor and guarantee you’ll fall in the love over traditional tobacco.

The Spirit Vapor E Cigarette is only 9.99 online and in most locations beating out all the competition. You can smoke these e cigs nearly anywhere including bars, restaurants, clubs etc. Our premium disposables carry over 400 puffs equaling to over 30 real cigarettes. Remember; Stop worrying about the stench of your clothing, the yellowing of your teeth, and the damage to your lungs and body from tobacco smoking, switch to Spirit Vapor Electronic Cigarettes today!

The concept of the electronic cigarette is still in the first decade of its success but already the benefits are far and clear. Simply by allowing water vapor instead of smoke you are decreasing the health risks drastically. The choice is incredibly logical; since in most states the price of a pack is well over ten dollars. We invite you to experience Spirit Vapor in our many flavors and models of e cigarettes for the years to come.